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In our Places to Visit in Stockholm article, we shared our route suggestion that allows you to easily visit the city in 2 days. In Stockholm’s Hipster Neighborhood Sodermalm article, we have given the places we recommend you to try on the route. And now we’re dealing with Fika in Stockholm.

fika roughly Swedish for coffee break. Like the English 5 o’clock tea, the Italian aperitivo, the Spanish merienda, this is the Swedish ritual of slowing down and squeezing in.

Although it is actually an exotic product, Swedes consume so much coffee that it has become a family member. Sweden, along with other Nordic countries and Canada, is one of the world’s top coffee consumers. fika and the time Swedes have for themselves during the day with a cup of coffee. That’s why drinking coffee and to-go glasses are not very good. In order to have fika, you need to enjoy the coffee.

As coffee is such an important building block in daily life, Stockholm is home to wonderful cafes and bakeries. Now to you Stockholm’s most popular idea We will suggest points.

Before we begin, we will briefly introduce you to the classic accompaniment of fika. kanelbulle Let’s introduce you. Cinnamon, vanilla, cardamom buns are one of the cornerstones of Swedish cuisine, just like bagels for us. For example, if you are invited to someone’s house in Sweden, it is customary to take these cinnamon buns. In fact, October 4 is National Kanelbulle Day in Sweden. Although it looks like a breakfast pastry, it is a bit strange for Swedes. It’s more of an afternoon snack, especially with coffee.

Stockholm Cafes

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1. Pom & Flora (Norrmalm branch)
2. Espresso Sauce Bar
3. Café Pascal (Norrmalm branch)
4. Vete-Katten
5. Greta
6. Valhallabgeriet
7. Chokladkoppen
8. Drop Coffee
9. Johan & Nystrom
10. Greasy Spoon and Omaima
11. Café Pom & Flora (Sodermalm Branch)
12. Café & Bageri Pascal (Sodermalm Branch)
13. Kaffeverket
14. Rosendals Tradgård

Sodermalm Cafes

Pom and Flora, Katarina-Sofia

Photo: Pom och Flora

The breakfast at Pom & Flora is one of the best in town. Whether for breakfast or lunch, it offers both a nice atmosphere and a successful menu. It is especially famous for weekend brunches. It offers a wide variety of breads, scones, jams, cheeses, charcuterie and avocados in its buffet. It has two branches:
– Sodermalm Branch Address: Bondegatan 64 Phone: +46 076-030 32 80 Location Click for
– Norrmalm Branch Address: Odengatan 39, 113 51 Phone: +46 76 020 32 80 Location Click for

Cafe Pascal, Katarina-Sofia

Photo Source: www.facebook.com

Close to the lively Odenplan area, Cafe Pascal, run by three brothers, is a cafe where you can find breakfast options such as egg, ham or mozzarella and bread options, various pastries, yoghurt and granola with jam. Their coffees are good too.

– Sodermalm Branch: Aaddress: Skånegatan 76, 116 37 Phone:+46 8 525 047 01 Location Click for
I’m normal Branch of: Address: Norrtullsgatan 4, 113 29 Phone: +46 8 31 61 10 Location Click for


Omayma is an organic cafe where you can find healthy breakfast options and snacks. You can find options such as lactose-free – gluten-free bowls, filled croissants, musli and granola. Address: Skånegatan 92, 116 37 Phone:+46 8 428 626 51 Location Click for

Greasy Spoon, Katarina-Sofia

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/greasyspoonsthlm

One of the popular breakfast and brunch spots in the Södermalm area, Greasy Spoon is where you can find a real English breakfast in Stockholm. A cafe where you can find scrumptious toasties, Eggs Benedicts, pancakes and plenty of vegetarian options. Website Address: Tjärhovskatan 19, 116 28 Location Click for

Drop Coffee, Wollmar Yxkullsgatan

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/dropcoffee

Drop Coffee is the most popular coffee shop in Södermalm region. Here you can buy the coffee you like and put it in your suitcase. It is a successful place with both ambiance and coffee. Website Address: Wollmar Yxkullsgatan 10, 118 50 Phone: +46 70 422 95 43 Location Click for

Johan & Nyström, Swedenborgsgatan

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/johanochnystrom

Johan & Nyström is also a place that is assertive about both coffee and tea in Södermalm, Stockholm’s famous district for its coffee shops. You can also buy coffee for your home from the place, which has been awarded Sweden’s best cafe many times before. Website Address: Swedenborgsgatan 7, 118 48 Phone: +46 8 530 224 40 Location Click for

Norrmalm Cafes

Gretas, Hotorget

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/haymarketbyscandic

This is Haymarket by Scandic’s fika cafe. The atmosphere is dominated by a modern interpretation of 1920s charm. Ideal for both breakfast, lunch and coffee break. Address: Hötorget, 111 57 Phone:+46 8 517 267 00 Location Click for

Kaffeverket, Mediocre

Photo Source: Instagram

Kaffeverket, a popular cafe with a variety of coffees near Sankt Eriksplan, is one of the ideal places in the city for a pleasant breakfast where you can find a selection of sandwiches made with fresh ingredients, smoothies and freshly squeezed juices. Address: Sankt Eriksgatan 88, 113 62 Phone: +46 8 31 51 42 Location Click for

Espresso Sauce Bar, Mediocre

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/SostaEspressoBar

Sosta is one of the best espresso bars in the city. You can find many types of coffee here, but the real highlight of the place is espresso. Especially the meeting point of Italians living in Stockholm. Address: Sveavagen 84-86, 113 59 Phone: +46 70 355 66 15 Location Click for

Vete-Katten, Norrmalm Headquarters

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/vetekatten

Vete-katten in central Stockholm is a patisserie where you can find the best of traditional Swedish pastries. Website Address: Kungsgatan 55, 111 22 Phone: 46 8 20 84 05 Location Click for


Chokladkoppen, Gamla Stan

Photo Source: www.chokladkoppen.se

Chokladkoppen is Stockholm’s most popular place for coffee and dessert. Although it is a very touristic place, it is also preferred by locals. You can sit in Chokladkoppen and watch the historic square of Stockholm. Hot chocolate is very good. You can make a great dessert getaway with chocolate cheesecake, cinnamon bun or brownie. Website Address: Stortorget 18, 111 29 Phone: +46 8 20 31 70 Location Click for

Valhallabgeriet, Östermalm

Photo Source: www.facebook.com/valhallabgeriet

Valhallabgeriet is also a place that will not disappoint you when it comes to Swedish pastries. A bakery where you can find a freshly brewed cup of coffee and delicious kanelbullar. Address: Valhallavägen 174, 115 27 Phone: +46 8 662 97 63 Location Click for

Rosendals Trädgård, Djurgårdsslätten

Rosendals Trädgård is both an organic cafe-restaurant and a flower shop where you can green your garden or home. It is a pleasant place where Swedes come to eat in the garden, especially on sunny days. You can sit outside in its greenhouse or garden. All the food served to the table is completely organic and all the ingredients come from their own garden. The menu has simple options like soup, a few hot dishes, and open sandwiches. Gourmet breads and wood-oven pastries are also popular. The playground in the garden is a plus for families with children. Website Address: Rosendalsvagen 38, 115 21 Phone: +46 8 545 812 70 Location Click for

So What to Eat & Where to Eat in Stockholm?

We say don’t come back without eating Swedish meatballs, salmon and venison. We have collected the best Stockholm Restaurants for you. Some stand out with their environment, some with their cuisine, and some with their history. Let’s click.

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