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This is a Story of Immigration to Australia

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The word immigration has always struck me as sad. Going somewhere without returning for a long time, settling down, changing one’s life for another, making new friends and getting used to all of this. If I had thought this deeply before writing our own immigration story, I don’t think I would have dared. I wanted to tell you about it, in case it inspires you. That’s why I’m starting life in australia to describe my adventure…


Life in Australia : Wollongong Head Lighthouse

The Distant Little Girl, who has the standard life that most of us have in Istanbul, has been educated continuously from the age of five to twenty-two (so uninterrupted that it is not even possible to think about what she wants to do), industrial engineer, Little Distance, whom she met at the age of 20. Married with a child for 2 years, working from eight in the morning to five in the morning (this is not so sure :)) in a company that everyone is dying to work for, told to traffic, told about what he did, angry with Istanbul but still loving, that is, a beautiful but ordinary person like all of you. someone who had life, or rather someone.

One day, the idea of ​​emigrating came to their minds, far away to the country of their dreams. So to Australia.


Life in Australia : Wedding Cake Rock

We were bored with something like everyone else, but that wasn’t the only reason. We had traveled to about 15 countries since we were together, and there was one thing we always wanted: to go to a country where we could live in better conditions before we turned 30 (this is not material conditions, but to feel completely valuable and not to work for many things that we believe should be standard), as well as leaving everything behind.

First, we started with the idea of ​​Europe, so as not to scare ourselves. When we saw that the conditions were not good, we were left with two options: Canada and Australia.

Here completely Turkish logic came into play and we wanted to protect ourselves from the cold; At the expense of my insect phobia (you can guess how many jokes (!) photos of my friends with snakes and bugs have been exposed to) we decided to settle in Australia.

Not only by saying “we should go”, “we should move out of here”, but by making our decision. Australian visa It was at the same time that we researched species.

Life in Australia : Melbourne-Flinders Street-Australia

Life in Australia : Melbourne-Flinders Street-Australia

When we made such a quick decision, we applied for Work and Holiday, which is the most suitable visa type for us. The waiting time for this visa was the saddest time for us. Evacuating our “first” house, where we have planned everything down to the last detail, without explaining to our family, explaining to our friends and taking care!

When we announced our decision, I understood for the first time our friends who said how brave we were. It was as if every moment that passed from the house until the time to collect our belongings was a bit of a game, but the “migration” felt very much at that moment.

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Yes, we were leaving our family, friends, home and our beloved Moda, Kalamış. Even at the expense of embarking on a whole new world, life and adventure…

After that, it felt like ripping socks. Farewells, gatherings, research, thoughts, fears and great curiosity. Just yesterday, we, who had a settled order, house, job and a routine life, were left with 8 suitcases in our hands. What would we do now when we had no home and no job?


Life in Australia : The Three Sisters

It’s a bit of a cliché, I know I’m not saying it first, but the saddest moment is when you left your family and friends at the airport. Luckily for it to be cheap (Of course we weren’t in a hurry for anything), our 35-hour flight even exceeded my crying time and I landed in Australia with my tears exhausted.

It will be 5 months since I’ve been here in the coming days. The feeling that I literally felt when I got off the plane, “God, where am I, what am I doing, we have to go back immediately”, has already been replaced by “How much there is to discover here! How peaceful people are” left in amazement.

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The summary of my five months is looking for a house, settling down, doing the temporary job found by the little boy far away (Although he is an engineer, he is currently carrying food by bicycle and cannot finish it every day by telling how much he loves this job:)), we breathe a sigh of relief, we study language school. I do not finish and go into the job search process. I even found my first job today! I will be working for 15 days at the Easter Show, one of Sydney’s biggest festivals 🙂

Life here is a little easier than imagined when you look here from Turkey. Because there is a suitable job to be given to everyone who wants to work, and everyone who works can spend their life above a certain average.

The fact that my first job was a festival is the best example of how the life here passes in a kind of festive mood 🙂


Life in Australia : Melbourne Royal Botanic Garden

I will say that; indeed immigration; Going to a place without returning for a long time meant settling down, changing one’s life for another, making new friends and getting used to all of these.

But when that fear you feel when you look at it one by one, combined with the value given to people and the peace of mind in such a beautiful city, it is not as difficult as it is said.

We embarked on this journey with as much fear as all of you, but by doing something that most of you cannot do: the courage to take the first step. “I can’t because I’m afraid. I can’t because I’m weak.

“I can’t, I’m very attached to my family” just means I don’t want to! Believe me, I was the person who feared the most at the beginning of this road, thought he was weak, and was the most fond of his family.

But since I will not be able to live this age again, because a life that cannot go beyond being told like everyone else, frightens me and I am afraid of betraying and giving up on my dreams, I am here now and in my heart every day; I wake up with a longing for my family, city and friends and still say “I’m glad I’m here”.



If I did it, you can do it too. Everything is a dream, dreams begin with a step. As long as you don’t stop dreaming and don’t be afraid to take the first step that you think is very difficult..


His dreams, curiosity and sense of discovery dragged him from Turkey to Australia, explored whenever he found it, that seems to anchor in Sydney for now, that tells about the places he visits on his blog and the places he sees and is very curious about Australia, just like himself. She’s not her age but she’s a little girl who lives far away and is happy to help those who want to write:) For more Australian adventures: http://uzaktakiminikkiz.blogspot.com.tr/

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