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+ 10 Suggestions for Those Who Will Take a Trip to New Zealand

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New Zeland, 17,000 km on the other side of the world, if you were to go by plane, it is a country that can be reached in 30 hours with transfers. Aside from the nature of the Lord of the Rings movie, which blew us all, including me; The fact that it has been one of the top 15 countries to live in in the world makes New Zealand so valuable. It is one of the must-see places with its history dating back 1,000 years, its different nature with 10 sheep per capita, beaches longer than 15,000 km and more. And all Everything you want to know about New Zealand in my post below.

1. About New Zealand

New Zealand1,000 years ago, with the settlement of a tribe called the Maori, it became a geography where people settled down.

Then the Europeans came. Usual. And they settled in the country, which is a collection of islands.

By the way, if New Zealand wants, Australiamay be included. Because New Zealand is already recognized as the State of Australia by the Australian Confederation.

New Zealand, originally in Maori, means Land of the Long White Clouds.

If I give brief information about New Zealand:

  • Sign language is mostly spoken, followed by English.
  • Most of the people are Christians, but almost half do not believe in any religion.
  • Its most important export is wool. It is the second largest wool exporting country in the world.
  • The most interesting thing is that there are almost 10 sheep for 1 person.
about new zealand

Facts About New Zealand: Hobit Village (Source: https://www.tripadvisor.co.uk/Attraction_Review-g3395240-d1382525-Reviews-Hobbiton_Movie_Set-Hinuera_Waikato_Region_North_Island.html#photos;aggregationId=&filter=118207101)

  • The population of the country is about 5 million.
  • Only 5% of the creatures living in New Zealand are human. Others are animals. If I say that there are more than 40 million sheep living in the country, you can understand what I mean.
  • There are beaches longer than 15,000 km in the country.
  • The per capita income is around 52,000 New Zealand dollars per year.
  • New Zealand is the last country in corruption in the world.
  • There are no snakes on their land.
  • One third of the country consists of natural parks. How green can it be?
  • The steering wheels of the vehicles are on the right
  • In New Zealand, same-sex people can officially marry.
  • Rugby is known as New Zealand’s most famous sport.
  • The country’s largest income item is agriculture and animal husbandry.

Currencies they use New Zealand dollars

2. New Zealand Population and Cities

I said there are 5 million people in the country. These 5 million people generally live in the following cities:

  • 1 million people in Auckland
  • 200,000 people in Wellington
  • 400,000 people in Christchurch
  • 600,000 people live in Hamilton.

By the way, Wellington is known as the southernmost capital city in the world.

New Zealand is actually the same size as Japan. But think about it: with 5 million people living in New Zealand; Japan’s population is 130 million. Therefore, the population density of the country is very low.

3. Where is New Zealand

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It is located in the Pacific Ocean. Also known as the Pacific Ocean.

Antarctica to the south of New Zealand, the Tasman Sea to the west; To the northwest is Australia.

By the way, New Zealand is one of the three closest countries to Antarctica. The other 2 are Chile and Argentina.

New Zealand covers an area of ​​36% of Turkey in terms of land. I can say that the country actually consists of 2 separate islands. Also known as North and South Island.

where is new zealand map

Where is New Zealand : New Zealand is located in Oceania as you can see in the map location

4. Getting a New Zealand Visa !

Not to mention this situation right away. We praised so many countries, let’s talk about whether we can go, get a visa or even require a visa.

Yes she does. Both those with a burgundy passport and green passport New Zealand requires a visa. But don’t be afraid. It is not a visa that cannot be obtained.

Actually, I’ve heard a lot of negative things about it, but if your paperwork is complete, New Zealand visa You can also get it very easily.


New Zealand is a country where you can go with a visa.

Just submit the documents correctly and on time. The process of obtaining a New Zealand visa takes about 5 weeks. That’s why I say never think that your visa will be issued very quickly and buy plane tickets accordingly.

New Zealand visa documents:

  • original passport
  • An English petition with a stamped signature on the letterhead stating the purpose of the trip and the duration of stay.
  • Signature Circulars
  • Trade Registry Gazette
  • Tax Certificate with the relevant year base
  • Certificate of Activity (New dated Original)
  • Two new biometric images with white background
  • Invitation card or if you are going to the fair, the fair entrance card
  • If the person is a partner of the company, a bond breakdown
  • Salary Slip for the last 3 months, signed and stamped
  • SSK employment declaration signed with stamp
  • SSK 4A service breakdown with barcode
  • Bank account statements of the last 3 months with current balance stamped from the bank and photocopies of real estate
  • Copy of identity card
  • Full Documented Collective Population Registration Sample (From E-Government)
  • Military Status Certificate
  • Certificate of Residence (from E-Government)

It takes around 2-3 hours to collect all of these documents and they want them all scanned. Then you apply for a New Zealand visa through VFS global in Ankara.

During this process, I contacted Sezai Abi’s company, Get Quick Visa, and got support from them. Fortunately, they managed all the processes. I didn’t even need to go to Ankara.

Both my documents and my passport went to Ankara and they took care of my visa. As I already said, the New Zealand visa is issued electronically. Any support in this regard FastVizeal.com you can see on the website. Say hi. They will be helpful.

5. Best Time To Go

After all, we are talking about a country that is completely opposite to ours in terms of seasons because it is located in the Southern Hemisphere.

While it is winter with us, it is summer with them; While it is autumn for us, it is spring for them.

Winter season in New Zealand: May-August

Therefore, the best time to go to New Zealand is known as October-March. The weather is warming up and the parks are starting to fill up.

Also, the best way to visit the country is to rent a caravan.

Especially since the country is expensive, you can rent a caravan and go everywhere, as well as accommodation and meals can be taken care of in the caravan. The culture of traveling by renting a caravan is quite common in the country.

However, if you want to visit the country by car, you can rent a car for an average of 30 New Zealand dollars per day. FROM HERE You can review prices and make reservations.

6. Great Cities to Visit

As far as New Zealand, it should certainly be seen in Australia. Not to mention it. But Australia is ours too. Australian Visa want you to know.


There are many wonderful places to visit in the country. (Source : https://www.tripadvisor.com.my/Hotel_Review-g255122-d758291-Reviews-Oaks_Club_Resort-Queenstown_Otago_Region_South_Island.html#photos;aggregationId=&albumid=101&filter=7&ff=1863716)

Places to visit in New Zealand:

  • Consisting of 144 islands Bay of Islands
  • from the Ice Age Milford Sound area
  • New Zealand’s largest city auckland
  • Region with the most active volcanoes White Island
  • You can go glacier walk Franz Josef Glacier
  • Known as the Hobit Village Hobbiton Movie Set

just Sights to see in New Zealand comes first.

7. How to get there?

There are currently no direct flights to New Zealand from Turkey. That’s why all flights are arranged as connecting flights.

I made my trip to Australia and New Zealand with Singapore Airlines, one of the best airline companies in the world, via Singapore.

In total, the journey took about 30 hours. My outbound journey was in premium economy and the return was in business class.

Both the service, the food and the comfort of the plane were delightful. In particular, the comfort of the seats was very good, which I have not seen in many other airline companies.

new zealand departures singapore airlines

I had 2 amazing flights to New Zealand with Singapore Airlines

The cities where you can find the most affordable tickets to New Zealand with Singapore Airlines are:

  • auckland
  • Wellington
  • Christchurch cities

Especially if you book early, you can find a round trip flight ticket between 950-1,500 dollars. To view all flights and prices, visit Singapore Airlines’ website. HERE I left. You can click and view.

However, if you have a visa, you can also fly to Australia and from there to New Zealand.

WARNING: It is PROHIBITED to bring any cheese, fruit, snacks, agricultural products while entering the country. You will be scrutinized when you enter the country, as they believe that it will destroy the fabric of the living and order in the country.

Bonus: Is it expensive?

No lie. New Zealand is an expensive country. The per capita income in the country is already 4 times that of Turkey. The per capita income is around $40,000.

Let’s say you want to stay in a mid-range hotel in New Zealand. For example, in Auckland, one of the big cities, accommodation in the cheapest hotel for 2 people is around 30 dollars. Even FROM HERE You can review.

new_zealand_places to visit_nature

Nature is adorned in every corner of the country (Source: https://www.tripadvisor.com/Tourism-g255104-New_Zealand-Vacations.html#photos;geo=8&detail=255104&ff=17363468&albumViewMode=hero&aggregationId=101&albumid=101&base3450I =30&offset=-1&filter=7&autoplay=)

However, it is a country where you will not go hungry when it comes to eating and drinking. For example, seafood dishes and meat dishes are very famous. Meals at a middling restaurant cost around NZ$20.

The most expensive thing is long-term accommodation. According to Numbeo.com, the average monthly rent for a 1-bedroom apartment is NZ$1,800.

New Zeland With its legendary natural parks to visit, forests still waiting to be discovered and thousands of kilometers of beaches, it is definitely one of the countries that should be at the forefront of nature. Although they are far from us, they are one of the rare destinations that should be excited with the wonderful landscapes we see in the photos. If you have more questions, you can follow me on my social media accounts below and ask. Imagine. Think about it…

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