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Undiscovered until the late 1800s, the Antarctic Continent, completely covered by glaciers, is located at the South Pole. Antarctica is the land of the world where there is no official country or state. Many writers, newspapers, and magazines feature Antarctica on their must-see list before they die. The main things that those who want to travel from Turkey to Antarctica, which is especially important for space science with its location, need to know are the physical conditions of the continent and the means of transportation.

It is not possible to talk about national characteristics such as currency and local language in the Antarctic continent, since there is no country domination, no government administration, and no settled life. No country encounters such a concept as Antarctic Consulate or Representation. Antarctica, which contains the South Pole, has much harsher and colder weather conditions than the North Pole. For example, although rare vegetation can be found in the North Pole, this is not the case in the South Pole. Although cold weather conditions do not make the settled air very possible, researchers can be found staying at research stations where many scientific studies are carried out. But the Antarctic ecosystem is rich in fish species and penguins. Antarctica, which is important for tourism and with its intriguing beauty, attracts the most tourists during the summer season for the southern hemisphere. There are several ways to travel to Antarctica.

Because no country has officially recognized sovereignty over Antarctica Antarctica visa There is no such case. However, Turkish citizens have to transfer from some other countries as it is not at a distance from our country where we can provide direct transportation. Therefore, the visa application of the transfer country is one of the important things to be checked before traveling to Antarctica. Due to its remoteness and harsh weather conditions, going to Antarctica is a difficult and expensive journey. There are 2 main ways to reach Antarctica, some parts of which have not rained for millions of years since the existence of the world.

From Chile on the South American continent, a long and difficult ship journey takes about 4-5 days, passing the Strait of Magellan. In another method, it is possible to travel from New Zealand by plane, which takes about 10 hours, provided that the weather conditions are suitable. The weather conditions are constantly checked during the flight and if it is determined that the conditions are unsuitable, the flight is canceled within the first 3 hours of the flight and a return to New Zealand is made. In order to travel in the most suitable weather conditions, winter season for Northern Hemisphere, summer season for Southern Hemisphere should be preferred.

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