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Vamoss House is a cozy oasis in the village of Calca in the mountains of Peru, where fugitive travelers from Turkey, who have been on the road for a long time, took shelter.

Among the refugees these days, there are us and our countrymen who have been wandering around here for a long time. Some have been on the road for 3 years, some for 6 months. It’s nice to be on the road, but it’s tiring. Sometimes one seeks the peace and compassion of the home. We all want to be a family that speaks the same language and laughs at the same jokes for a while. We are at her house.

This is a place where we come and stay, but it’s not a hostel or hostel, it’s a meeting point. who crossed the continent 3 years ago Selin Ercil and Arda KurtogluA sharing house started by . As far as we know, it is the only one of its kind. It is the only house where people from abroad meet, live and breathe together.

When we got it, they lit a piece of paper. There are some arrangements to ensure the peace and development of the house. But the guests of the house took such ownership of the house that when we were there, the house was taking itself away even though neither Selin nor Arda was present.

At the end of the paper it reads: “Although we can’t follow some rules, we are grateful. As long as we stay with love.”

Uğur, Maral, who has been traveling around the world with his boats for 3 years, barely getting a boat, although he has no understanding of maritime. ignorant courage and we are chatting with the bird of the house, Nefs.

They named it Nefs because the name that man gives to an animal is a reflection of ourselves, that is, they think that the name we deserve. How true and beautiful.

The video of this conversation will be on our website soon.

King’s table is from Elif and Maral, dishes are from us

The house turns itself. Everyone grabs something. From the paint on the wall to the shelves in the house, there are traces of his guests. Everyone has a brick, big and small. Some contribute with the food they cook, some with the swing they make in the garden. Routine needs such as cleaning and shopping are done together. When something belonging to the house is consumed, it is thrown into the piggy bank.

There is always a thermos of hot water on the table. He shakes a cup of tea if he wants. It boils the water that finishes the thermos and fills it again.


Kneel down, friends, bow down!

Elif got up at 6 in the morning and rolled up her sleeves. Thanks to him, we woke up to the smell of pastries all the way in Peru. The Turkish breakfast that we miss on the table… Gathering around that table felt like a mother’s hug. Cheese is the bread you get bored with from time to time.

Guests of the house while we were there

Ev says, “Here, we believe in personal development, awareness, and human relations that can grow/enlarge by deepening. We experience it together, we know the taste of sharing it, we experience its beauty.”

If you need a breather around here, keep Vamoss House in mind. We have informed you about this beautiful formation, you share it, so that others will know.

– Long stays are charged separately. If you are staying for a short time, this place may seem unnecessarily expensive. For the same amount, you can stay in a very nice hotel in Cusco without putting your hand in cold water from hot water. The reason for this price policy is to prevent the house from being used as a hostel. To ensure that it is not a tourist accommodation, but a sharing point for travelers.
– You pay separately for each meal you eat at home. If you are involved in cooking, you pay less.
– Those who will stay longer can discuss the tariff with Arda.
– While we’re here, we’d say see the market in Pisac. Sunday is the most pleasant and chicest day, but it is also possible to visit Tuesday and Thursday.

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