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How to go ? Do You Want a Visa?

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Where is Seychelles, How to get there, does it require a visa? Seychelles Islands, It consists of 120 islands and is located in the heart of the Indian Ocean. honeymoon places is the dream of many of us. Honestly, when I first saw it, “It’s really like they say!” I was amazed, I swam in the seas according to every shade of blue; It became a country where I walked through the lush forests and ran on the beaches. Seychelles.

Due to this calmness and serenity, it is the perfect choice for those of us who want to experience summer, especially in the middle of winter. Seychelles Islands, It is located where you can see it on the map below.


Where is Seychelles : How to get there . : Where is Seyschelles Right In The Heart Of The Indian Ocean

1. Where is Seychelles? Map Location ? How to go ?

Seychelles Islandsis an island country located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, in the north-east of Madagascar in eastern Africa.

I flew to Mauritius first on this trip. After traveling in Mauritius for 5 days, I flew to Seychelles with Air Scheyselles for 2 hours. Even if you wish, Mauritius You can also read my travel articles from the link.

A direct flight round trip to Seychelles with THY costs around 3500 TL.

But still, let me tell you what I know within the framework of alternatives by saying that you may want to fly directly to Seychelles. Let’s start with THY first:

Please watch the Seychelles VLOG I prepared for you first.

How long is the flight to Seychelles?

You can fly directly to Seychelles with THY and it takes approximately 8 and a half hours. They have very comfortable planes. Since you are flying directly, it is more comfortable but at least 40% more expensive than connecting flights.

If economic flights to Seychelles If you want to buy it, you can fly to Seychelles as a connecting flight. I can say that Qatar Airways is the economical company in this regard. You can find round-trip flight tickets for 2,800 TL. Only if you get it early.

where is the seychelles how to get there

I came from Mauritius with Seychelles Airlines. Where is Seychelles and how to get there?

Seychelles is located in the International time zone GMT +4. That’s why there is 1 hour difference between Turkey and Seychelles.

Without buying a flight ticket to Seychelles The best flight ticket search engines see our article

By the way, Ben is one of the world’s largest tourism companies to Seychelles. SatGuru I went with I wanted it to be more economical and a company that knows the region very well to show me every single detail down to the last detail.

Especially, Africa I was a little hesitant before I made my travel plans in their countries. But thanks to them, they planned every detail and I toured Seychelles very well. Maybe if I went alone, I wouldn’t have learned all this information.

This is the second part of Seychelles. pleasant dreams

their sites From satguruturizm.com You can review. I would even suggest that you get an offer for package prices from them. They offer almost 30% more economical prices. Even say hi. They will help and do their best to provide discounted prices.

If you are going to the country as an individual. I have listed all the hotels for you: Click to View All Hotels and Prices

2. Seychelles Weather & When to Go?

When to go to Seychelles? As I mentioned above: There are 2 seasons in the country. One is dry, the other is rainy. In fact, before I went, I was asking myself this question the most. So let me tell you in detail what I know about it.

For example, while it is winter in our country, it is rainy season in the country. You can think of the period from December to March as the period.

Don’t mind me saying it’s raining. You can always travel with a t-shirt. But what I see is that when it rains, the sun doesn’t shine after 10 minutes like in monsoons.

where is the seychelles

Giant tortoises in Seychelles : where is Seychelles how to get there

That’s why it’s usually really rainy in the winter season. In the country where I stayed for 4 days, I could not see a full sunny day for 1 day. Knowing this, I say plan. Also, especially December is the month with the highest number of tourists.

The other season is the dry season. It usually happens between March and November. People like this period more because it is the sunny period, but it is really extremely hot and humid. So make your plans accordingly.

3. Does Seychelles require a visa?

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Seychelles visa status : The best part : countries that do not require a visa between. You just fill out the immigration form on the plane and that’s it.

4. Seychelles Cities

discovered by the Portuguese; a country occupied by the British, the French Seychelles Islands, actually Republic of Seychelles known as.

The country, which is an independent state today, is actually still under the indirect occupation of foreign states. In what respect? Economically, but I won’t go into that part in detail…

Since Seychelles is made up of a community of islands, they actually consider 5 islands as cities and the main island of the country. mahe known as.

The last part of Seychelles was also very good. Have fun watching.

The capital on this main island is Victoria. All banks, administrative structures, etc. are always in this region. Transportation between the islands is generally provided by sea.

I have been to the main island of Mahe and La Digue. I traveled for 4 days in total and had a great time. In fact, believe me, it was very, very difficult for him to return to Istanbul. Also, to the best of my ability Seychelles Travel Guide I will explain at length in my article. The link is below:

Seychelles You can see all my Seychelles articles from the link.

“Where are the Seychelles & How to get there, does it require a visa Deniz ?” I tried to answer your questions in detail. As much as I could, I wanted to travel every inch of this dream-like island country, which is reminiscent of fairy tales and makes people plunge into dreams, and convey it to you. Do not forget to write your questions in the comments. Imagine. Think about it…

Sea Wrestler

I love to describe the beauties of the world through my experiences in more than 90 countries I have been to. I also tell you about my adventures with backpacks by creating economical travel guides as much as I can. Before I return from one trip, I am planning the next one. I am aware that I was born to explore, to travel, to explore the world. Most importantly, I live and dream for it.

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