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How To Get The Cheapest To Mauritius?

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Where is Mauritius and How to get to Mauritius? Mauritius, It became my 69th country. A country in the heart of the Indian Ocean, a country that can be reached in 10 hours even with a direct flight from Turkey, has no connection to the land, and always experiences the summer season. Mauritius. Before I go to this beautiful country, One of the most famous honeymoon countries in the world even though it is famous as one of them, if they had said “Show Mauritius on the map, Deniz”, I could not have shown it in my life. Until this year, this beautiful, warm, peaceful country in the middle of the ocean, Mauritiusuntil you go to.

First of all, let me state this: MauritiusIt’s not such a big country. You can rent a motorbike and travel around the island in 3-4 hours. In fact, this is the most beautiful thing. What is it, there is such a long traffic on this island, which is endless, consuming one’s life; nor the chaos of huge metropolises. There is only nature, you and peace on this island.

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Think about it: You are on an island in the middle of the Indian Ocean with an area equal to 1/350 of Turkey. Many beaches, coves, many more are just yours. What more do people want, right?


Where is Mauritius: How to Get to Mauritius. : Right in the Heart of the Indian Ocean

1. Where is Mauritius? Mauritius Map Location ? How to go to Mauritius?

Mauritiusis an island country located in the heart of the Indian Ocean, also east of Madagascar in eastern Africa.

Actually Mauritius (pronounced Morishus), Mauritius Island Also known as. For a better view of the location of this island nation with a population of just over 1 million people, see above. Mauritius I am also attaching the map samples.

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On this trip, I flew directly to Mauritius with Turkish Airlines and this flight took about 10 hours. It was such a beautiful experience to wake up in the morning in the colorful Indian Ocean after boarding the plane at night. By the way, while it was winter in Turkey, I was traveling in Mauritius in shorts – t-shirts.

A direct flight round trip with THY to Mauritius costs around 2500 TL.

If economic Flights to Mauritius If you want to buy it, you can also fly to Mauritius as a connecting flight. I can say that Qatar Airways is the economical company in this regard. You can find round-trip flight tickets for 1.800 TL. Only if you get it early.


Giant Turtles in Mauritius : 300-400 kilograms each and live up to 150 years.

Mauritius is located in the International time zone GMT +4. That’s why there is a 1 hour difference between Turkey and Mauritius.

Without a flight ticket to Mauritius The best flight ticket search engines see our article

By the way, Ben is one of the world’s largest tourism companies to Mauritius. SatGuru I went with I wanted it to be more economical and a company that knows the region very well to show me every single detail down to the last detail.

Especially, Africa I was a little hesitant before I made my travel plans in their countries. But thanks to them, they planned every detail and I had a very nice tour of Mauritius. Maybe if I went alone, I wouldn’t have learned all this information.

First of all, watch my Mauritius VLOG till the end. You can also subscribe to the channel for free.

their sites FROM THIS LINK You can review. I would even suggest that you get an offer for package prices from them. They offer almost 30% more economical prices. Even say hi. They will help and do their best to provide discounted prices.

2. Mauritius Weather & Seasons to Go to Mauritius?

When to go to Mauritius? Now, sir, there are no 4 seasons like us in Mauritius. Since they are in monsoon climate, they only have 2 seasons. One is the rainy season and the other is the dry season.

The summer season of Mauritius is known as the period of December-March. At the same time, the most tourists visit the island during these months. By the way, it rains the most in this December. Personally, I got caught in the rain every day.

Great hotels in Mauritius FROM HERE you can view it by clicking.

If you want to be a little more economical and come at a time when there is less rain, they recommend the April-August period. Don’t worry anyway: the weather is always hot. It’s just sudden rains, that’s all. It also calms down after half an hour and suddenly the sun rises.

3. Information About Mauritius Islands

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Mauritius visa status : It does not ask us for a visa. After filling in the immigration documents on the plane (This is a classic document. It includes questions such as where will you stay, how many days will you stay. That’s all), you can enter Mauritius by waving your hand.

Mauritius is a very expensive country. I can’t really say it’s that cheap. An ordinary meal is 15 euros, a moderate activity is around 30 euros, a 1-day motor rental fee is around 20 euros. But the people, like in many countries, only earn 6-7 euros a day.


Everywhere in Mauritius is surrounded by such beautiful beaches : Mauritius islands : where is Mauritius

By the way, although I say that the people earn less, Mauritius was known as one of the countries with the highest income per capita in Africa. Actually, it’s obvious. When companies, hotels, companies print money; The people are trying to live in the middle class.

The country has 2 most important sources of income. These are: Everything produced from sugar cane and tourism. You can see especially sugar cane fields all over the country.

4. Where are the Cities of Mauritius

MauritiusOf course, since it is a country, it also has different cities. The country actually consists of 4 main islands. All of them Mauritius islands You can think of it as

The island of Mauritius, which gives the country its name and is the largest island, is already the most basic island. Other islands are; The islands of Rodrigues, Agalega are known as the Cargados-Cafrajos Islands.

I did some amazing activities in Mauritius

You can reach some of these islands by domestic flight. I did not provide transportation between islands in Mauritius. Because I just toured the main island.

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There are dozens of uninhabited beaches in Mauritius : Where is Mauritius

On the main island of Mauritius, there are 9 different regions. I’ve been to almost all of them. But I think it’s enough if you know the most important city and its capital, Port Louis. Others already Mauritius Travel Guide I will explain at length in my article.

Mauritius You can see all my Mauritius articles from the link.

Where is Mauritius & How to get there I tried to explain your question in detail. As someone who is full of sea, sand and summer in the middle of winter on this beautiful island, where I stayed for 5 days, I can guarantee that your trip to Mauritius will be enjoyable. The streets decorated by the local people with the influence of Hinduism; It has become a country that I love with its smiling people and legendary beaches. Mauritius. I hope you have an enjoyable Mauritius Trip you spend. Imagine. Think about it…

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I love to describe the beauties of the world through my experiences in more than 90 countries I have been to. I also tell you about my adventures with backpacks by creating economical travel guides as much as I can. Before I return from one trip, I am planning the next one. I am aware that I was born to explore, to travel, to explore the world. Most importantly, I live and dream for it.

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